Fall 2020 Hartford USG




UNTIL OCTOBER 8TH 2020 12:00Noon


Hartford Campus

Fall 2020 Hartford USG Election Candidates


Remi Cavalcanti

Position (s) running for: Senator and Vice President 

Major: Urban and Community Studies 

Hobbies: Theta Delta Sigma & Delta Sigma Pi/Gaming/Civic Action

Personal Statement: As a queer person of color, first-generation immigrant and a non-traditional student, I can bring a unique perspective to USG here at the Hartford campus - representing a unique intersection of our student body. If elected, I can voice the concerns and unique needs of students as a whole but especially students who may not usually get a voice in these arenas.

Rohan Kevin Naik 

Position (s) running for: Senator and Vice President 

Major: Political Science 

Hobbies: Hobbies: Music (Violin and Singing), Sports (Swimming, Cycling, Track and Field), Travelling. Clubs (currently joined/joining Astronomy association, Chamber Orchestra, Travel MUN, Ecohusky, ISA, and skydiving club, but I'm still looking around)  

Personal Statement: Listen up, it’s not super saiyan Gohan-time, it’s super amazin’ Rohan-time, and If you feel Covid has ruined your college experience this semester, then vote for me for senator. Greetings everyone! My name is Rohan Kevin Naik. I am a freshman political science major attending the Hartford campus. I’m very excited to run for senator at the undergraduate student government. I want to get involved and make everyone's college experience amazing, and help make our community the best it can be for all students. We are smaller than some of our other regional campuses, however, we are not small in pride, and bleed the same blue. As a senator, I will listen to a majority of people and their opinions for what types of changes would benefit our universal college experience and do my best to fulfill their needs. These are dire times, times where none of us can be together in the same place enjoying the same college experience. However, if I am elected, I will do my best to make sure that all students at UConn Hartford, enjoy their college experience whether they are on-campus or online. I have many events that I plan to bring to UConn to help us get together to form a strong communal bond and make this semester memorable for all of us. One of the many new events I plan to introduce to the community are podcasts and virtual live interviews with students and staff alike. Since we are physically far apart, I figured it would be a great idea to lessen the gap by hosting live interviews with our wide-range of students and faculty members. As a new student, I’m sure many of my classmates might be coming in not knowing much about their classmates and upperclassmen. I figured we could use these live interviews as a unique way to introduce the new and old members to the community. Another such event would be virtual coffeehouses. I will host a virtual call where students are free to share their artistic talents (karaoke, skits, dance, etc). College can be stressful for many students. Whether it’s a lab for a bio class, or readings in an english or political science class, students will get stressed. The virtual coffeehouses will be a great way for students to relax and have a night of fun to let out all the pressure and take a breather. These are only a few of the many other events I’ve had planned, and the rest of them are just as interesting as the ones I’ve mentioned. If elected, I will do my best to support my fellow student council members. I will make sure that communication between the student body and the student government is strong and make sure that the student body’s voice is heard. Vote for super amazing Rohan-time, vote for a good college experience.

Radha Hitesh Patel

Position (s) running for: Senator 

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology

Hobbies: President of the UConn Hartford World Club; Member of the Pre-Health Society & Alternative Medicine Club

Personal Statement: Hi, my name is Radha Patel and I am running to be a Senator on the Undergraduate Student Government! I am a sophomore at UConn Hartford who is looking to not only be more involved on campus, but to connect with more people as well. Being a part of USG will allow me to make these connections and better understand what our campus, and the students on it, need. I am currently the President of the UConn Hartford World Club which is all about recognizing the importance of different cultures so as a USG senator, I will make sure to embrace all the different backgrounds that students bring to the campus to ensure that all voices are heard. Thank you!


Armani Parnther 

Position (s) running for: Senator

Major: English

Hobbies: Pre-law society, church choir, food drives, and poetry

Personal Statement: I am interested in joining the Undergraduate Student Government because I can represent the needs, concerns and ideas of the student body. My freshman year of college out of state, I wanted to join the student government but I did not have the courage to run for senate because I wasn’t very social so I tried other organizations. Now entering my junior year, I have found the courage to run and get involved on campus and represent the student body. I have always loved speaking on behalf of others and standing on what needs to be changed, that is the reason I have a passion for law and plan on attending law school after graduating with my bachelors. I want to defend people who can’t represent themselves and make their voice heard no matter race, gender, sexuality, religion, social class, etc. Also, getting involved in the student government is a good way to stay actively involved on campus. If elected as senator by the student body I can improve USG by planning leadership-focused activities and getting involved in the community. I have great communication, organization, teamwork  and time management skills. I am always reliable and responsible so whatever task I am given I make sure to accomplish it to the best of my ability for the date and time set.

Celine Pham 

Position (s) running for: Senator 

Major: Computer Science 

Hobbies: Website Designing / Vietnamese Student Association / Art / Tennis

Personal Statement: If there was something I had to take away from my high school student government, it was to not be afraid to clap back at Madison. It’s for the students, not yourself. It’s for the people, not anyone else.  I learned that it’s not just the governments’ job to choose what THEY think would be best for the students. But, it is the governments’ responsibility to aim their goals and understand the STUDENT BODY’S desires and needs. If I was elected as senator by the student body, the ideal “relationship goals” is what we would have. One-sided conversation? Never heard of her. Trust. Passion. and Openness. Yessir. If I was passionate enough to plaster flyers and posters all over the school not giving a *bleep* about negative opinions in running for class president, I know I will do anything to meet the student body’s needs before anyone’s opinion. I respectfully don’t give a *bleep* about a few people not agreeing to what the student body would like. At the end of the day, it’s the student body that we’re serving as senators, not ourselves. Thank you. *drops mic*

Karishma Rentia 

Position (s) running for: Senator 

Major: Political Science

Hobbies: I am part of the following clubs: Pre-Law society, Wellness club, Henna club, World club. My hobbies include playing the piano, gardening and painting.

Personal Statement: As someone who has been a USG member and the Pre-Law Vice President for the past two years, I’ve been able to observe and see the needs of the student body here at UConn Hartford. I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside many bright people and it’s one of the reasons I love being part of USG because it has helped me learn and grow as a person. For me, I believe it’s really important to take into consideration the recent events that have occurred involving USG Hartford and to turn that into a learning experience. As difficult as it may have been for many, it was a scenario where I was able to sit down and analyze how things could’ve been dealt with differently because it’s important to take an experience such as that and reflect on how to prevent something like that from reoccurring. With that being said I hope to improve USG by making sure I thoroughly read the constitution and follow its rules. I’d like to improve USG by strictly carrying out the will and needs of the student body promptly at first notice of any sort of problematic scenario. My goal is to become a senator that is strongly connected to the students of UConn Hartford and to bring about change, whether that be through events or informative posts on the USG page. This whole year is a time for dramatic change and self improvement and I’d like to do my part in helping make sure that happens at UConn Hartford.

Selena T. Rivera

Position (s) running for: Senator and Vice President 

Major: Psychology BA

Hobbies: Poetry, creative writing, Empower U

Personal Statement: My name is Selena Rivera and I am a psychology major. What made me have a passion for joining USG is the diversity. I believe that diversity contributes to the function of all student organizations because everyone deserves an equal opportunity.  I hope to help assist with changes that need to be made and to make sure that what students have to say matters. I currently have my associates degree in social work studies and have more than four years volunteering in the human services field. My main goal if elected by the student body is to be able to provide students the college experience even during these unprecedented times. My personal experiences working with people from all walks of life has shaped me into the person I am today and I would like to share that experience with members of the student body. I want to be involved with the Uconn community to enhance my leadership skills and be a productive member if elected. It is of utmost importance that to become a senator one must represent the college. Having values is another contributing factor as to who I am as a person. I value commitment, involvement and most of all respect. If elected, I promise to always prioritize the needs of the students and to fairly advocate at all costs for the better good of the uconn community.