Student Government Association: Special Election (Stamford) Candidate Information

President  Personal Statement 

Nicholas Marini, Senior

It is an honor to be considered for the position of President of SGA! If elected, I vow to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the Presidency with the same level of professionalism that I have displayed as the Chief Financial Officer. SGA has always struggled with fully spending the revenue collected from student fees, and ensuring appropriate/ inclusive utilization of these funds would be my top priority as President. Please consider casting your vote for me, but either way, thank you for giving me a chance, and Go Huskies!

Sabrina Uva, Senior

My name is Sabrina Uva, the current Vice President of the Student Government Association (SGA). I am a senior majoring in Honors Human Development and Family Sciences (HDFS) with research experience and a double minor in Psychology and Gerontology. My experience

being the Vice President of Student Government has taught me the necessary leadership skills needed to be the President of SGA through leading my Program Directors to learn about the finances, event registration, and facilitating featured events for the campus community. I have also held positions as Senator (2+ years) where I learned about the voting process and Program Director planning campus events during my experience at UConn where I learned how to plan engaging events and connect with the community. I also have experience as it is my fourth year being the President of Huskies for Charity club creating charitable events and volunteer activities for students to engage in. I am passionate about issues such as menstrual equity and food insecurity by bringing these issues to the attention of University professionals. I also have developed strong design thinking, innovation, and project management skills through my experience in the Stamford Startup Studio working with emerging technologies to develop solutions to real-world problems. I will apply my unique experiences acquired at UConn Stamford as the President of the Student Government Association.  #VOTESABRINA

Chief Administrative Officer 

Nahum Valiente, Sophomore

Hello, my name is Nahum Valiente and I am honored to run for CAO! Currently, I am a Sophomore majoring in Political Science and Minoring in communications. As Program Director of SGA, it is our responsibility to expand SGA’s influence to all students. As CAO I hope to create a more inclusive and open environment that allows for robust participation From our student body. Thank you!