Campus-Wide Joint Elections Run for Office


Run for Office 2019-2020

This spring, there will be campus-wide elections for a variety of high level student leadership positions. The following positions on each campus are open for interested candidates.

Those positions requiring an ‘intent to run form’ are noted with an asterisk (*) and the packet of information can be found below. Forms are due to each respective organization by noon on February 8th, 2019  unless otherwise noted.

The election will be held March 5th at noon to March 7th at noon.


All Campuses:

Storrs Campus:

For USG Positions, please note the updated finance limits and signature requirements:


  • $200 for Comptroller
  • $400 for Pres/VP tickets


  • 50 for Senate seats
  • 100 for Comptroller
  • 100 for Pres/VP tickets

Avery Point Campus:

  • ASG President
  • ASG Secretary/Treasurer
  • ASG Comedy Chair
  • ASG Music Chair
  • ASG Special Events Chair
  • ASG Public Relations Chair
  • ASG Student Relations Chair

Hartford Campus:

Stamford Campus:

  • Student Government Association President
  • Student Government Association Vice President
  • Student Government Association Chief Financial Officer
  • Student Government Association Chief Administrative Officer